Needlecraft Supplies

Needlecraft is an umbrella term for all kinds of crafts, including knitting and crocheting.  However Horncastle Hobbyhouse also sell a large range of embroidery cotton, tapestry wool, and patchwork and quilting tools and accessories. 

Embroidery cotton

The word embroidery comes from the French and means ‘to embellish’.  Embroidery has existed for a long time and is used in all cultures in some form or other.  As the hobby and past time has developed and become popular, embroidery threads have been created and labelled with numbers corresponding to the different colours available. This method allows for embroidery patterns and basic cross stitch patterns to have a colour code depending on the piece being made.

Horncastle Hobbyhouse can provide you with any of the colours you may need.  By sending a list of number references in the additional information box at the checkout on the website, we can send out your choice of embroidery threads without delay.  We also stock the cross stitch  fabric Aida in a variety of counts and colours.

Tapestry wool

The term tapestry comes from the old French that was ‘to carpet’. Since most tapestry projects are created in order to decorate or furnish a property with a rug, carpet or wall handing, this word fits the popular hobby perfectly.

We stock a large supply of DMC tapestry yarn.  As above, if you forward us any extra details regarding the exact colours you require for you craft project, we will get it mailed out to you as soon as possible. For any more details, don’t hesitate to contact or visit the shop in person.

Patchwork and Quilting

The supplies needed when embarking on a quilting project are often so varied that it can be worth it to shop around, especially for varied selections of fat quarters. At Horncastle Hobbyhouse we have a small but beautiful collection of quilting and patchwork accessories available.