Chunky Yarns

Chunky Yarns

Stocking up on your knitting supplies? Cosy and soft, chunky yarn is a diverse wool that is suitable for all kinds of knitting projects. Chunky wool provides a luxurious texture that is great at keeping you warm, making it perfect for creating clothing items such as jumpers, cardigans and scarves as well as cuddly toys for children. It is also great if you are practising a more complicated pattern such as a cable stitch because it will add definition to your work!

Chunky yarn is best used with 6 to 8 mm needles, depending on your own knitting tension. Most of the wool that we stock is also machine washable, making all your final products safe to wear.

At Horncastle Hobby House, our aim is to keep our customers inspired by stocking high quality wool and materials for all kinds of other crafts too. Whatever your next crafting project is, we’re sure to have the supplies for it, so feel free to let your imagination run wild!

We offer our soft chunky yarn in a range of textures and colours so that you are never out of options. From bright and bold patterns to softer, pastel shades, we have wool to suit every preference. So, get inspired and take some time to browse our collection of chunky yarn to find the perfect materials for your next knitted creation.

If you like more information about the products we offer or any general knitting advice, please do not hesitate to contact us and we shall be happy to help!

Chunky yarns