Chunky Yarns Horncastle

At Horncastle Hobby House, we have had over ten years’ worth of experience supplying yarns for crochet, knitting, and needle felting. We pride ourselves on stocking a wide variety of traditional crafts products, including those for children.

Double knitting yarn is available from Woolcraft , Peter Pan, and King Cole , which is ideal for any double knitting pattern. Baby yarn is soft, gentle, washable, and therefore perfect for creations made for the little ones. It comes in neutral colours, as well as bright, fun ones. Katia Yarn Cakes are also very soft and light, with unique gradations of colour.

For a thicker yarn, you might opt for Aran weight yarn, or our range of chunky yarns. On the other end of the scale, we have sock yarn, which is 4 ply, as you would expect for making everyday socks with a wool/nylon content. We stock a large range of knitting and crochet patterns for all ages along with soft toy patterns and knitting needles, bags in fact anything you need to get started.

We also have cotton yarns especially for crochet, as well as supplies for needlecraft, for everyday sewing and embroidery. 

Based in Lincolnshire, we are pleased to keep the tradition of these crafts alive in the modern age. We know the joy that can come from creating your own unique items for yourself, as well as friends and family.

To discover more about our yarn products, please get in touch with us by completing our web contact form, or by emailing us at You can also reach us directly by calling us on 01507 522659, or paying us a visit in person in Horncastle. A member of our team will be glad to help with any questions or advice.

Chunky Yarns Horncastle
Chunky Yarns Horncastle

At Horncastle Hobby House, we specialise in supplying a wide range of all the knitting supplies you need. Whether you want needles, Katia knitting kits, specialist yarns like baby yarns, or something completely different, we have what you need. Why not check out our website or call into the store for a chat, or to see how we can provide you with the craft supplies you need. For all supplies including chunky yarns, Horncastle has no better option.
When you think of wintertime, what comes to mind? Is it grey skies, or snow, or warm evenings in front at home with your family, hot chocolate in hand? Whatever images winter conjures up for you, warm knitwear is one of the good bits of winter. There is nothing as comfortable and reassuring as a thick piece of knitwear for keeping out the winter weather. In wintertime, a thick woolly jumper, a knitted hat and gloves and a long scarf are the perfect thing for keeping out the cold. But what is it that makes chunky yarns such a good choice for winter clothing?
Wool is the best option for cold weather, especially chunky yarns. There are three main reasons for this. Firstly, the wool itself is made of many strands of natural wool. These fibres contain many tiny pockets of air. This air takes heat from your body, so when you have your woollen jumper on, it acts like a layer of warm insulation by trapping the heat your body loses in the cold weather. Secondly, wool has a protein called keratin in the strands. This is a natural substance which acts as an insulation and enhances the warming effect of the chunky yarns.
The third reason wool is so good in the winter is process of knitting that is used to make each piece of knitwear. The process of knitting creates a tight mesh of fibres which is thick, especially when using the chunky yarns Horncastle hobbyists can choose from. Unlike other textiles like cotton fabric, which are thin, knitwear is thick which helps keep you warm.
When it comes to chunky yarns, Horncastle hobbyists will find everything then need in our store. We have a wide range of different chunky yarns. You can choose from a wide array of colours, so whether you want something subtle and delicate, or bold and eye catching, you will find the best colours in our store. We also sell chunky yarns in different textures, so you can create exactly what you want to wear this winter.
As well as the yarns and supplies, we have a range of patterns. If you want to get started with something knitted from chunky yarns, we can help you to find a pattern or guide to get you started. We are hobbyists ourselves, so we might have some advice or suggestions that can help you to get the best out of your design. Why not get in contact with us today to find out more about the best chunky yarns Horncastle has to offer? We would love to hear from you!