Katia Knitting Kits Horncastle

At Horncastle Hobby House, we have had over ten years’ worth of experience supplying yarns for crochet, knitting, and needle felting. We pride ourselves on stocking a wide variety of traditional crafts products, including those for children.

Double knitting yarn is available from Woolcraft , Peter Pan, and King Cole , which is ideal for any double knitting pattern. Baby yarn is soft, gentle, washable, and therefore perfect for creations made for the little ones. It comes in neutral colours, as well as bright, fun ones. Katia Yarn Cakes are also very soft and light, with unique gradations of colour.

For a thicker yarn, you might opt for Aran weight yarn, or our range of chunky yarns. On the other end of the scale, we have sock yarn, which is 4 ply, as you would expect for making everyday socks with a wool/nylon content. We stock a large range of knitting and crochet patterns for all ages along with soft toy patterns and knitting needles, bags in fact anything you need to get started.

We also have cotton yarns especially for crochet, as well as supplies for needlecraft, for everyday sewing and embroidery. 

Based in Lincolnshire, we are pleased to keep the tradition of these crafts alive in the modern age. We know the joy that can come from creating your own unique items for yourself, as well as friends and family.

To discover more about our yarn products, please get in touch with us by completing our web contact form, or by emailing us at info@horncastlehobbyhouse.co.uk. You can also reach us directly by calling us on 01507 522659, or paying us a visit in person in Horncastle. A member of our team will be glad to help with any questions or advice.

Katia Knitting Kits Horncastle
Katia Knitting Kits Horncastle

In the past many people learned to knit. It was a way of creating warm clothes, and in many instances, a way that people could earn a living. As such, knitting has played an import role in the history of British textiles over the last thousand years. But knitting is still a valuable craft in modern Britain. Many people use our knitting supplies, such as our Katia knitting kits, to create beautiful knitted items and also as a means of maintaining an emotional state of wellness.
By using our knitting supplies and Katia knitting kits, Horncastle hobbyists can create beautiful craft pieces. For example, some use them to create stylish ponchos or blankets, or triangular wraps. The Katia knitting kits Horncastle customers can choose from come with free patterns which are perfect for guiding you through the process. The Katia knitting kits combine traditional techniques with modern styles, so your finished projects will look good as well as being practical.
For many people, the benefits of knitting are more than simply finishing up with a stylish item, like a scarf or a shawl. The benefits are the calming, relaxing results which come from the simple process of knitting.
Many hobbyists enjoy the calming effects when they use the Katia knitting kits we sell. Daily life can be full of many stresses and anxieties, but the simple, repeated process of knitting can be relaxing. By focusing attention on the Katia yarn and the free plan, hobbyists can put their worries and cares to the side for a short while. It is a fact that continually thinking about work issues and other pressures can lead to health problems which can include emotional and physical issues. The problem can be that for some people, it can be difficult to stop thinking about these types of pressures. Passive hobbies like watching the television are not always effective for relaxing. Having a task that engages the brain, like knitting with the Katia knitting kits we sell, can distract from general anxiety. This can be beneficial for a person’s emotional well-being.
When it comes to our Katia knitting kits, Horncastle hobbyists will find that they are an ideal task to share within a family. They are something that a parent and child can enjoy together, or that a grandparent can use to make a gift for a grandchild. Knitting is an ideal hobby to share with others. Friends can spend time together, knitting and enjoying each other’s company. By using our knitting supplies and Katia knitting kits, Horncastle hobbyists have an activity that is perfect for building friendships and relationships.
At Horncastle Hobby House, we are proud to supply a wide range of knitting supplies. As well as Katia knitting kits, Horncastle customers will find a wide range of other materials, including baby yarns and chunky yarns. For more information, including all enquiries about the best Katia knitting kits Horncastle has to offer, get in contact with us. We would love to hear from you.