Crochet Yarn and Crochet Wool

The word Crochet, derived from the French word Crochet, means a ‘hook’, or in the old French ‘small hook’.  This hook in turn, creates lots of loops that lock and weave around each other to form an overall garment or shape.  As many crochet fanatics and crafters know, watching the process appear in front of your eyes is an entirely satisfying experience.  In fact, for those that haven’t yet tried crochet, the term ‘crochet envy’ is often applicable. 

Crocheting gets a person involved in the very nature of its form and process.  The forming of a ball of crochet yarn into a whole piece is a very tactile skill, as you hold your yarn in one hand and the crochet hook in the other.  For that reason, you may find you prefer working with the crochet yarn and crochet wool that’s the most pleasurable to hold, touch and feel.

Bergere De France yarns provide quality crochet yarns  that work very well with the crochet craft, as they have been in the business of putting their passion into the yarn they provide for over sixty-five years, and know not only what works well, but what you the customer like to buy for your crochet projects.

For this reason we stock a good range of Bergere De France yarns and in particular the range Bergere coton 50.  Bergere coton 50 is a round wool that is strong but fine, and is beautiful when crafted using the crochet technique.

These yarns are also machine washable and can be tumble dried, so no more having to discard any damaged or stained garments, most commonly associated with baby knits or crochet. The yarn is 50% cotton and 50% acrylic.  Browse this page for the many colours and yarn weights available.

Katia Cakes – Katia Paint, Katia Spring Rainbow and Katia Soleil all come as a ball of yarn enough to create a shawl. A free pattern comes with every ball. Available in a variety of yarn compositions from cotton to wool – thickness from 4ply to chunky. Something to suit everyone.